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Precision Chrome is equipped with 3 chrome tanks, 5 polishers and is capable of running shifts around the clock. We are capable of chrome plating bars from 1/4" - 4" in diameter and up to 28' long. Our honing department is capable of honing up to 10" ID and 24' long. Every detail of production no matter how little or large is tightly controlled and logged. Special instruments and gages check the size, roundness, chrome thickness, and surface finish. This ensures each bar is plated exactly to our customer's specifications.


The hydraulic industries we serve:

*  Construction Industry

*  Farming Industry

*  Forestry Industry

*  Automotive/Lift Industry

*  Fitness Industry

*  Medical Industry

*  Military Defense


Chrome Plating

*  Carbon Steel

*  Alloy Steel

*  Stainless Steel

*  1/8" - 4 1/2" in diameter and 28' max length

This is just a place holder.

Chrome Plating OD Tubing

*  Carbon Steel

*  Alloy Steel

*  Stainless Steel

*  1/2" - 4" in diameter and 28' max length

Chrome Plating ID Tubing

*  Carbon Steel

*  Alloy Steel

*  Stainless Steel

*  2" - 10" in diameter and 12' max length


*  Pre-polishing - All incoming OD steel is prepped & polished to size before chrome plating.

*  Final Polishing - All OD plated steel is also polished after chrome plating to ensure proper size and finish.


Induction Hardening

*  The induction hardener is used on bars that require that extra          durability to resist against damages.

*  1/2" - 5" in diameter and 25' in max length.

This video demonstrates how our hardening machine works slowly but efficiently to harden each bar. This particular bar is 5" in diameter and 24' long. It takes roughly 10 minutes to harden a bar of this size.

* For removing material from the ID of tubing within the respective tolerance makes for a smooth finish.

* 2" - 9" in diameter and 27' in max length.

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