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The History Of Precision Chrome

Then (1966)

Now (2021)


More than 50 years ago in 1966, Don Hjortland started plating small parts for customers in his garage in Long Lake, IL.  As more and more orders of chrome-plated rods were received, he saw the need for a chrome plating company that would specialize in the hydraulic industry.  


Fast forward 55 years later, Precision Chrome currently occupies a 26,000 square foot space. Our facility was specifically constructed for the production of chrome-plated shafting and tubing products for the hydraulic industry. Precision Chrome has a department for honing and has designed a vertical tank for ID plating. A variety of saws have been installed to give customers plated bars and tubes cut to desired lengths, and ready for machining. A state of the art induction hardening machine has met the increased demand for induction-hardened bars.


The anticipation of customers' needs has always been a priority. Delivering a quality, defect-free product earns Precision Chrome its name every day.


Precision Chrome would not be where it is today without its loyal employees. We have an amazing staff that is dedicated to excellence. We try our best to take care of our staff as much as they take care of us. Once a month Precision Chrome holds an employee appreciation lunch where we brief our entire company on year-to-date statistics, goals, and achievements. It is a time for us all to come together as a company and enjoy good food, good company, and a well-deserved break.


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